Friday, November 9, 2012

Fix It Friday - Repair a Monster Hole in a Pair of Pants

Don't want to sport a holed jeans fashion?

Don't want to throw out (or re-purpose) another pair of jeans and buy another?

Have enough cutoff shorts?

Then think about turning those holes in to monsters/robots/animals - whatever you want. Just use a piece of felt (a craft piece is only about 25 cents) and stitch it in place behind the hole and let the frayed edges of the hole stay. I kinda think they look like scraggly teeth.

I recommend machine stitching the felt in place before hand stitching with DMC floss (which is merely  a decorative touch rather than for function).

Then stitch on some buttons or other cut out pieces of felt to add eyes, or maybe a nose/ear/horns/etc.

These are my son's pants. He was pretty excited to wear them when I finished repairing them and had to change in to them right away.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Really cute! So far none of my kids have ever worn a hole in their pants - but if they do will have to try this!