Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Single Sort Recycling

Our recycling program just changed and is now a single sort recycling, which means we put everything in one bin. But what I also found out is that now they are recycling MUCH more, including all plastics labeled 1-5 & 7 as well as a cardboard dairy and juice containers. Since there will be no more yogurt and cottage cheese containers or half & half containers going in to my trash, I should see a decrease in the amount of refuse we put out for the trash guy.

Pay attention to how full your trashcan is, if you are not filling it full it may be time to consider downgrading your service to a smaller can.

Our service offers 3 sizes to residential customers and we are already at the smallest size thanks to the composting and recycling we already do. But with being able to recycle even more and pretty much being a diaper-free household, my trashcan should start to be even more empty.

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