Saturday, November 3, 2012

John Deere Tractor Theme Party

 Birthdays for my kids tend to span a couple weeks with several parties. This is the party at Ag Power (John Deere dealership) that he invited a few of his friends to. So, here is another one (if you remember I posted about the Football Theme Party last Sunday. 

What I did for Party Favors: Bags with "Tractor Tires" (aka Oreos), Bags with Animals Crackers, Homemade Lollipops in John Deere Colors, Green Boogie Wipes, and Homemade Playdough with Farm Animal Cookie Cutters

 What I Did For Party Food: I went the John Deere Green & Yellow route and serves cucumbers and celery with homemade hummus, bananas and honeydew melon, corn chips, frosted cupcakes, bottled water with personalized labels, and turkey, cheese & lettuce sandwiches

Just some of the decorations from his party included lots of green & yellow balloons, a John Deere balloon, yellow streamers, yellow tablecloths & napkins, green plates, a couple of Happy Birthday Banners and my handmade signs.

And here is my sweet little boy! He was very happy with his party. The kids played on the 2 ride on tractors the dealership put out for them to use, with all the balloons they had and watched a Farm DVD I bought on the big screen in the room (they even had to turn the lights off so they felt like they were at the movies.)

Ag Power had this nice, big conference room and it was a great place to have a party and all his friends (plus some from his family) bought gifts for him there.

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Nicole said...

Very, very cute! I like the party favors!