Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Using Silica Gel Packets

Recognize these little packets? They seem to come in everything, and most often in a new pair of shoes (think school clothes shopping that is coming up soon if you have not already started). It says to Throw Away, but I am telling you to hang on to a couple.

They use this silica gel to keep products dry. The gel absorbs any moisture that the product is exposed to (providing it's not in a pool or a flood). You can use these to help keep things dry (or dry them out.)

When winter comes and your kids (or maybe your own) boots/shoes might be soaked, sometimes there is just not enough time between use to get them fully dry. Well, if you had saved some of these gel packets, you could throw them inside and they can help speed up the drying.

I have also heard people used these to dry out cell phones (kinda like the bag of rice method), but I have not tried it. Have you?

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Unknown said...

I had no idea! I'm keeping them from now on!