Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Storybook Set

Have I mentioned we are huge fairy fans in our house? Not to mention that my daughter has lost 2 teeth already and has 4 more wiggly ones that she is anxious to have come out so that the tooth fairy can visit her again. Being asked to review The Tale of the Tooth Fairy Storybook Set was perfect for us. 

When it arrived in the mail, my daughter was so excited to see they sent us the girl fairy (there is also a boy fairy!) and could wait for me to open it so she could read the story and start playing with it. Even as I type up this post, I have to admit that I don't know where the set has gone too. As soon as she was allowed to take it out of my possession she ran off to play with it in one of "secret" play places. They really are not very secret but she has created spaces using an indoor play tent and another area where chairs and a tv tray are obstructing our view of her while she plays. It's quite endearing.

Product Description
Now for the first time - The Tale of the Tooth Fairy tells the story of how a little fairy finds her true calling in helping children with the very first sign of growing up - the loss of their baby teeth!  Includes hard cover storybook with Tooth Loss Record Keepker, a boy or girl Tooth Fairy plush doll with Tooth Pouch and a Keepsake Box.  Similar in likability to The Elf on the Shelf, the Tale of the Tooth Fairy will be a darling for parents, grandparents and children alike!    The Tale of the Tooth Fairy was written and designed by husband and wife team Mary Kate Fleming and Brian Ledig. 

I have to say that I was quite impressed with this set. All of it is of very good quality and it meant to be loved and played with and withstand a lot of wear. The book is of a thick hard book style and has beautiful glossy pages that just feel good when you turn the pages (yes, I know that may sound weird but I like reading actual books and how the pages feel in my fingertips.) The colors are vibrant and images are cartoon-like that kids will enjoy. At the end of the book there is also a diagram of a mouth full of teeth and spaces for you to write in when each tooth was lost. It is a very neat way of this type of record keeping on your child.

As for the story of the tooth fairy, I was impressed with how they covered all senarios of the tooth fairy that I heard but in a non-committal type of way that allows for parents to blend it with their own story and choose what the tooth fairy brings (money, treat, toy, etc.) I thought it was written ina  way that would be appealing to everyone who tells the story of the tooth fairy and has the tooth fairy visit their home.

And my daughter just loves the box it came in, which is also a house for the tooth fairy. The box looks like a book on the outside with an image of a fairy house but once you open it up there is images that look like the inside of a fairy house.

Finally, there is a stuffed tooth fairy that they child can play with but also goes along with the story. The tooth fairy doll carries a golden bag which the book encourages the child to put their tooth in there and leave the doll with bag out so the tooth fairy can obtain the tooth from there instead of trying to find it in the dark under a pillow.

Check out  The Tale of the Tooth Fairy and let me know what you think!

You can buy The Tale of the Tooth Fairy - Girl on Amazon or from their website.

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