Friday, November 16, 2012

Make a Pottery Barn Inspired Headboard Out of a Door

 I don't know about you but I drool over the Pottery Barn catalog. I wish I could afford so many things in there. I do buy a few accessories here and there, but many other things just serve as inspiration.

The idea for this headboard created from a door came from a catalog a while back, but the idea stuck in my head and I have seen this type of project re-created several times. Finally, it was my turn to update my bedroom and get the project out of my head and over my bed.

First I went in search of the perfect door. I am pretty lucky to have an architectural salvage place about 10 miles from house that has 4 levels of forgotten treasures. This was the type of door I had envisioned with the panels being horizontal on the door (opposed to how they are vertical on the popular 4-panel door.) Next was to find the trim I thought would complement it at Lowes.

The next step was to remove all the hardware and hinges (actually, had my daughter help me with this since we were just using a screwdriver) and cut all the trim pieces & attach (thank you to my husband for helping with this step.) After that it was time to do a bit of sanding over the entire piece so that the paint would "stick".

Finally it was 2 coats of "Onyx" colored paint and allowing it to dry completely before hanging.

Come back the next couple of weeks and check out my newly created art installations for over the headboard and on a side wall and then my final reveal of the room.

4-Part Series on a Bedroom Re-Decorate
*Pottery Barn Inspired Headboard
*Natural Twig Art
*Family Handprint Art
*Video of the the Whole Reveal
**BONUS -- Review of Wrapped Canvas Picture Added to the Room


Tru said...

I love it! I didn't know you had an architectural salvage place by you. Can you take me there sometime? We just don't have anything like that around us.

Mom of Two said...

Absolutely! Not a place to take kids who might run around so they'll have to stay back. The first level is more like an antique store and then the next 3 levels are all salvage. I have a chair from there I want to recover & refinish for the girl, but I need to find a vanity or desk I want to go with it first.

Tru said...

What's the name of the salvage place? Do they have a website?

Mom of Two said...

Peterson Art Furniture: