Saturday, May 17, 2014

Change in Posting Schedule

I am sorry to say that last weekend was it for regularly scheduled weekend posts. I make have some occasionally, but frankly I need to be able to enjoy my summer with my kids and not worry about having posts every day of the week. I do intend to still post M-F and keep those themed posts. I do this blog as a hobby, so I am not getting paid for it and I need to re-prioritize things. It is a lot of work coming up with new content every day of the week and just as I want to spend time with my kids more, my readers are not reading as much on the weekend either. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the summer. But if you do need reading material from me, there are plenty of archives to go through because I have been writing this blog for 5 years now. I can't believe it has been that long already.

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ladyashiri said...

Aww, I'll miss these easy posts for giveaway credit on weekends. Well, they're more than that. I find them actually relevant and genuinely interesting!