Wednesday, July 1, 2009

#34 Open Those Shades (winter)

So, this is just the opposite post as the previous one. In the winter, you want to open those shades to the south & west so that the sunlight can help heat up your home. And with limited sunlight during the winter in this part of the country, you want to do all you can to help warm up your house.

Now, if your windows are drafty or very cold to the touch, you may want to keep those insulated curtains closed. We replaced most of the windows in our house, but a couple double-pane picture windows remain and one is right behind out couch and the coldness coming from the window and the little bit of drafty from our old house was too much, so we spent about $50 and bought some insulated curtains. I am not sure how much it saved on our heating bill, but it kept the room much warmer and isolated the draft. All of the rest of our south & west facing windows we open the blinds & shades. I still have sheers up, but that is because it gives me a sense of privacy.

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