Tuesday, July 7, 2009

#41 Donate Unused Clothes & Household Items

If you have items sitting around your home it is just cluttering your mind & space and making it harder for you to remember & utilize what items you do have. And if you are paying to store items, you have costs associated with storage fees. By donating unused items you are enabling others to purchase items that they may have had to buy new if they weren't available used.

Reusing items lessens our impact on the environment by decreasing the demand for new items which will lessen the need for production & shipping of these items.

And when you donate your unused items, you can ask for a receipt to be used for tax reporting purposes, which will help you come tax time.

Consider donating to organizations that do neighborhood pickups rather than dropping it off yourself. The impact on the environment is decreased when there is just one truck driving around a neighborhood collecting donation on a specific given day rather than if each person drove the donations into a drop-off location themselves. If you do have to drive it in yourself, try to pair it with a day that you already driving by that location. You will save yourself from wasting any money on gas & time this way.

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