Wednesday, July 8, 2009

#42 Travel Locally (Stay-cations)

By traveling locally, you are helping stimulate your local economy. I think I may have mentioned before that the statistic is that 60% of the money spent locally stays local. And my traveling in your local area you are decreasing the impact that traveling has on the environment and the costs that would be associated with traveling further away.

Plus, if you stay to your local area you can visit those places you may not always visit when you are not taking a vacation. Many of us have places in our own backyard that we never visit or don't even know exist. And just by checking your local papers or getting area coupons (think about getting an Entertainment book) you can find out about happenings and find discounts on going to these places. When you travel away from your area, a person tends to pay the full price for admissions & eating out because they don't know where to look to find these discounts in this new area or it takes more preparation & time than they have to devote to this.

And if you really stay local & vacation at your own home (sleep & eat there) you are cutting out those costs and only have costs associated with your daily destinations.

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