Thursday, July 16, 2009

#51 Use Reusable Car Air Filter

Rather that re-telling what is already out there on re-usable car air filters, I will just direct you to this website.

Not all makes/models have these available, but most do. I have one in my car and luckily, my husband takes care of remembering the regular maintenance on that for me. But I love that if I choose to take my car to a place with instant oil changes and they ask before they start “If your air filter is dirty, do you want us to change it” and I can say, “No, I have a re-usable air filter and will clean it at home.” If you regularly purchase air filter at these places as opposed to changing it at home with one you bought at a automotive store/department, you will see that you very quickly re-coup the cost. It will take a little longer if you purchase & install it yourself, but you will re-coup the cost and save money.
Whew! I am halfway done with my goal for the summer of 101 tips.

There will be several days coming up that I will start doubling up on tips because I will be gone a few days later on & won't have computer access. Guess I better start typing up access.

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