Monday, July 20, 2009

#56 Make Newspaper Bowls

Get creative with reusing your old newspapers and make a decorative bowl out of them. I took a class at our area nature center on how to make these and I thought it was such a fun project. I would say you need about two and a half hours to make one the size I did. The instructions on this website are pretty close to the ones we had in my class. You will use up quite a bit of newspaper, about three Sundays worth. See the picture at the bottom to see the paper bowl that I made out of rolled newspaper.

And if you don't get the newspaper or you need more than you have saved. Call an area hotel and ask them if you can get the leftovers they have, which is where ours came from for the class and they told our instructor to tell us to call & get some anytime we need some. They recycle their newspaper every week and always have leftovers that did not get distributed or were picked up by housecleaning.

Another use that I love for leftover newspaper is as a ground cover to trap out weeds before you cover with mulch, soil, rocks, compost, etc. The newspaper will eventually compost right into the soil but will be there long enough to help trap our weeds.

Another crafty idea for excess newspaper is to make a Newspaper Crown.

The paper bowl project I created with my daughter (in top picture) only uses a small amount of newspaper, but it's an easy one to create with kids. Unforunately, I don't have a picture of the dried product because my fat cat decided that while it was drying, it would be a good place to sleep, so it got crushed. Although, I think this next time we make it we will add a mittle starch. My daughter loved making this bowl and has asked several times in the last week to make another one.

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