Monday, July 13, 2009

#47 Use Reusable Grocery Bags

These have become so popular. More and more stores are giving them away if you spend X amount of dollars or if you purchase a particular product and may other companies are giving them away in hope that you will use them with their logo sported on the side (giving them advertising opportunities). So, really this should not cost you anything if you keep your eyes open for giveaways. Since you didn't have to pay any money for the plastic/paper bags you break even with your pocketbook. It used to be that some grocery stores gave you money off your bill for reusing bags, but since the trend had become to use them they don't need to do that anymore and have cut that discount out. But by reusing bags, you are not contributing to more trash (lower trash bill), they are not filling up landfills, and you are not creating the demand to create more (which lower all sorts of costs related to production and delivery.)

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