Friday, July 10, 2009

#44 Multi-Uses for T-shirts Ideas

Don't let a t-shirt just be a t-shirt. Once you get a stain or it's not the right size, figure out a new use for it.

My preschooler daughter has recently gotten into sleeping in nightgowns, but we have not ever bought her one. She uses a women's t-shirt that her daddy won somewhere that is very small, but great as a night gown for a preschooler. And today she picked out this t-shirt that she really liked, only problem is that they didn't have any in her size and she was going to have to wait 4-5 years to wear it. No the meantime she can wear it as a nightgown and if it stays in play condition she will get to wear it again later on.

I like to use old t-shirts that have been worn out as rags for cleaning. They tear apart easily and you can make up a variety of sized rags. My husband likes to use his old sweat stained shirts as rags in the garage to wipe off dirty greasy hand & parts. Maybe later, after my daughter get 2-sizes worth of wearing her nightgown/shirt it will become a rag. Now that is what I can reusing & reusing & reusing!

Another idea is to cut them into squares/rectangles to use as homemade re-usable baby wipes.
Or make a reusable cloth grocery bag, like these instructions.

Some other ideas include using the fabric to making quilting squares, a pillow cover, or cut into strips to crochet a rug.

And if you still want to wear that old t-shirt, consider dyeing it a darker color to refresh the look and cover up any stains or you could iron/sew on a patch of an offending hole/stain.


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Here is an idea to reuse the sleeves of a t-shirt when you are using the rest of it for some other project:

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Another idea of changing your t-shirt: