Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#70 Cook Using a Slow Cooker

This one may be a wash depending upon the size of your slow cooker. Just be sure to match the size of your slow cooker to the amount of food you are cooking. Larger units will cost more to use, so make sure you are filling that crockpot. And check out the wattage listed on your slow cooker, you may be able to find ones that are the same size but have a lower wattage, thus using less energy. The real way to save money with a slow cooker is by being able to buy cheaper cuts of meat that may be tougher but are tenderized through cooking all day. Also, slow cooker recipes tend to use more whole foods and less processed foods, thus reducing the preparation and packaging put into creating those processed foods. My favorite slow cooker recipe book is the series of Fix It and Forget It Recipe Books.

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