Monday, July 27, 2009

#66 Use Cloth Napkins

I love using cloth napkins. We started using them about 10 years ago and have never looked back. Actually, I still have & use those napkins we have bought back then, but we have accumulated more over the years. I actually think it's funny that some people think we are being “fancy” when I set the table with cloth napkins. But why shouldn't we feel “fancy” when we are enjoying our food, let's make the whole experience enjoyable and light a candle or two as well.

But back to cloth napkins – I personally like using cloth napkins so much better than paper napkins because they don't rip or soak through. I'm a dabber while I eat, just can't stand feeling something on my face. And if we are out somewhere where they give us paper napkins, I tend to use more than one, but at home I have just the one cloth napkin and it works perfectly and soaks up everything I dab or wipe.

By not buying napkins I am saving myself money and precious resources in the environment. And as I have mentioned, I still have & use the ones from 10 years ago. They do last! The few dollars you spend buying napkins will easily be re-cooped that first year of using them. And if you have some simple sewing skills, you can save even more money by stitching some yourself; are they are is a simple square. You might even have some leftover fabric from a project that you can reuse.

And you don't need to worry about napkin rings, unless you want to. But those too you can make yourself. Stay tuned for a post about homemade napkin rings as my daughter & I get creative. Not sure when we will do this craft, but we are reusing materials and will have some fun with it and I am sure she will be very proud of her project.

Also, consider reusing your cloth napkin for several meals. If you only wiped a small spot on it, flip it over & use it for the next meal. Most families/people have their “spots” at the table – you know what I'm talking about – just leave the ones that are mostly clean in their owner's spots and wash the ones that need washing.

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