Saturday, July 11, 2009

#46 Share/Gift Plants

This reminds me that I do have some indoor plants that need to be split up. Some plants create their own babies. Currently, I have an aloe with lots of babies and a Mother-In-Laws tongue with a few.

We've already discussed the benefits of growing your own plants, but if you share or gift plants you are enabling your friends and family to receive those same benefits. And if you gifting a plant, you are cutting down on the cost associated with purchasing a new plant (not to mention not having to drive to buy it or to have it shipped to the store.)

I know this is spilling the surprise for some, but the daughter & I are going to be making plants/pots this year as Christmas presents. I found a nice looking pot that is embellished with wood slices that I thought she would enjoy creating with me. I found it initially in Natural Home magazine, but you can also find it in the book Eco Craft by Susan Wasinger. It is the same directions by the same person. Many (or maybe all) of the 30 projects in that book were featured in the magazine and I have already made a few of them over the years.

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