Monday, July 27, 2009

#68 Crafts with Reclaimed Lumber

This project was made with reclaimed lumber from an old barn. We went to a festival at which someone was branding numbers onto board for you to do what you wish with. We went with the birth years for our children and added hooks (that I bought at some time a while ago and had sitting around the house) so that we can hang it at an appropriate level for them & have a place for them to hang their jammies & robe (hanging from the hook over the door is too high, so this makes them more independent in taking care of their items.)

So, this can give you an idea of how to use reclaimed lumber to make a hanging rack or decorative piece. We chose to use the side with the weather paint on it, but the other side was wood grain & unfinished, so think about using wood from an old barn or shed.

Here is another idea of making a headboard.

Or how about a birdhouse made out of salvaged wood. Just follow these basic instructions from Lowes, but use salvaged wood instead. Often, you will see these types of birdhouses also reusing old license plates for the roof. These birdhouses can cost quite a bit of money if you buy them at a specialty or craft shop. Or here is another set of instructions.
This was actually posted about a week ago, but I noticed that my numbering was off & I had one number twice, but 2 different tips. So, I needed to move one and wanted it in numerical order.

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