Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Gifts of Christmas: Super Hero Cape

I wanted to make my son a cape for Christmas and I wanted it to be minimal sewing since it was just a costume. I had made my daughter one for Christmas when she was about the same age as him and she still uses it today but now has other longer capes.

If you didn't want to put a picture or emblem on the back you could easily make this a no-sew project.

I used felt and cut out a cape pattern, making sure to have a head hole area. Then to keep it no-sew I used sticky velcro to on the ends of the neck of the cape. Eventually I may handstitch this velcro on place, it depends upon how loved this cape becomes.

I took a picture of the cape on my sewing mat so that you can see the measurements I made the cape for a 3 year old.

To add the emblem on the back, I used pieces of craft felt that I cut out and pinned in to place and using simple straight stitches around the edges of the green and through the center lines of the H secured them in to place.

I stitched the H on to the green shield first, then stitched the shield on to the cape.

Here you can see how the velcro closure works around the neck/head area.

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