Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Try It Tuesday - Measurement & Counting Christmas Tree Activity

 This make look like a simple activity, and it is. But the practical application of it's use with preschoolers is bigger.

All you need is strips of green construction paper cut in to various lengths, some tree decorations, a piece of paper to glue the tree on and a small piece of brown paper (we used some cardboard from the recycling).

Here are a variety of ways you can make this educational:

1) Have your child count how many pieces of green strips there are.
2) Sort the strips of green paper in order from longest to shortest.
3) Count how many decoration there are.
3) Assign how many decorations you want on a strip. We did 1,2,3....7.
4) You could assign a color to each strip (we didn't do this, I just let him pick them out.)
5) Fine motor skills involved with gluing strips and decorations.

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