Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lego Ideas

Are you like us and already have a ton of Legos and want to use those to make new creations instead of buying more & more sets?

We made our own using our collection of legos and you can try to copy ours:

Or you can get all your ideas from the Lego website like we did. All you have to do is search under generic terms (like snowman, Christmas, Santa, reindeer, etc.) and they will give you Building Instructions for those types of items. You could do this for type of creation you want, or of course you can make your own creations without instructions, but some people like instructions.

Here are ones that I found on the Lego website that look inspiring:

Snowman (I based my snowman on this pattern using what legos we owned.)

Snowman, Girl, Boy & Tree


Santa, Reindeer and Sleigh

Reindeer with Elf

Here are close-up of the individual sculptures we made:

Our Snowman

Baby Jesus in the Manger with a Star Overhead

Christmas Present


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