Saturday, December 1, 2012

Make a Felt & Button Christmas Tree Ornament

 This is a fun little project for preschoolers to encourage counting and color identification. I cut a tree out of a piece of felt and cut a slit in the top through with a tied a loop of ribbon through.

Next I took out some buttons and asked my son to count them. Next step was to glue them on. As he did that I asked him to tell me what color each one was.

It was a fun little project that did not take a lot of time but helped to reinforce some skills.

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Jennifer Brizzee said...

I love this, but how did you get your buttons to glue on to the felt? I used elmers glue and they came right off.

Mom of Two said...

I just used Elmer's too, but I did have a big dot of it and then let it dry before hanging it upright.