Friday, December 7, 2012


This review for really could not have been any easier. I took opportunity to use our new photos we had taken and a bedroom makeover (part of my most recent Friday 4-part series) to develop a new picture to hang on our bedroom wall.

I was gifted with an 8x10 wrapped canvas to review their website and product. My first impression of their website was very favorable. It was so easy to complete my order and customize it. They have sizes starting at 8x8 all the way up to 30x40 or you can make a custome size. All the prints come with a standard wrap of .75", but you can upgrade to a 1.5" gallery wrap. You can also add a frame if you desire.

I like that when you pick out a size it show you just how big it would look in comparison to a 7' couch.

Once you pick out your size and gallery wrap style, you will be asked to upload your picture. You will be directed whether or not it is a good quality of picture to use. You can upload a picture from your computer or even choose an image from Facebook or Instagram. After uploading, you can move your picture around a bit to fit the image within the size you chose.

Next you will choose your border wrap, which can be a mirror image, an image wrap (which is what I did and the picture continues to wrap around - see the picture below) or a border color.

Here you can see how the image wrap looks and how the corners & sides look.

Final options are all optional - you can change the image to B&W or Sepia or have some retouching done. And that's it! Click Add to Cart and check out!

I was also impressed with how fast my order was processed and it was shipped to me. I was sent an email in less than 24 hours that said my order was complete. I had selected standard shipping and it was on my doorstep within 3 days of getting my shipment notification.

I was very impressed with the quality of work that my picture was. This was my first experience with a wrapped canvas photograph and it will not be my last.

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