Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Makes a Visit Again!

The tooth fairy has made another visit to our house. This time it was a brunette tooth fairy. The above picture was made at (which I previously did a post for, but this is NOT a review post.)

My daughter came to the understanding that there are many tooth fairies and they come in different colors. This was the fourth tooth she lost and the previous 4 she put the tooth in a glass of water so that the tooth fairy had to go in the water to get the tooth & the water would turn whatever color the fairy was. The water colors were purple with glitter, green, and red (in that order.) You can read about our First Tooth Fair Visit in this post.

After reading the Tooth Fairy Book that I reviewed, this time she wanted to put her tooth in the gold pouch and see if she put the tooth in a different container if she would get something different. This girl sure likes to perform her experiments; you should have seen the experiments she was coming up with with our Elf (named Skoob) as she was trying to make sense of why it didn't move one night (DOH!)

I have to say again, I really do like this book set. It is very applicable to most homes & whatever they believe about the tooth fairy. This is what I said about it before:

As for the story of the tooth fairy, I was impressed with how they covered all senarios of the tooth fairy that I heard but in a non-committal type of way that allows for parents to blend it with their own story and choose what the tooth fairy brings (money, treat, toy, etc.) I thought it was written in a way that would be appealing to everyone who tells the story of the tooth fairy and has the tooth fairy visit their home.

This time the tooth fairy did change it up and instead of bringing a gold coin with a pack of sugar free gum, she brought a basket made up from a dollar bill with 2 pennies inside & some glitter, as well as a little note  and a pack of sugar-free gum. It must have been the same tooth fairy that went to Filth Wizardy. :)

My daughter was very excited to see that I got another picture of a tooth fairy. When I showed her the picture and told her that I almost woke her up with the flash trying to get the picture of the tooth fairy she remembered there being a bright light that bothered her.

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