Monday, December 3, 2012

Make It Monday: Decorated Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

They are a simple & tasty activity and can be a little messy. 

All you need are sugar cones (I had 4 leftover from this summer when I made the campfire smores with them.

Just spread green frosting over the sugar cones (actually, this was leftover from my son's John Deere birthday party and I just stuck it in the freezer, this is turning in to a use up project - Haha!)

Then place on sprinkles & candies and you are finished.

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Unknown said...

These look adorable!

Julie said...

Fun! This was a snack I made when teaching K - it's in my K snacks recipe book, I'm surprised my kids haven't asked to make it yet. I think they haven't looked through it in awhile!

MamaCasClark said...

This is a great project!! I think I will let my kiddos do this to take to our family gathering pot-luck.