Sunday, December 2, 2012

Make a Felt Advent Christmas Tree

This is another Felt Christmas Tree project, just a much larger scale than the ornament I shared with you yesterday. You will need to go to a fabric store to procure a piece of felt from a bolt to make the tree, but the ornaments can all be made with the small craft pieces of felt.

I used leftover puffy fabric paint to paint on my numbers (I have had this stuff forever!) but if you don't have any type of fabric paint you could just use permanent markers.

I have seen this project done where it was just used as a felt board activity without the numbers. I wanted to include the numbers & equal number of colored balls to

  • Use it as Advent Calendar
  • Make a Counting Acitivity Out of It
  • Encourage Sorting of the Colors
  • Talk About Patterns
  • Utilize it For a Fine Motor Activity
  • Reinforce Color Identification

My kids were very excited to play with it right away and get all the balls on the tree. I loved listening to my son work on learning his numbers. He only wanted to put on double digit numbers, since those identification skills are newer to him.

I just used double stick tape to adhere it to the wainscot in our kitchen.I decided to put it in there, because it is at the kitchen table that I do our preschool-at-home projects and activities.

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