Monday, December 24, 2012

Jesus in a Stable Preschool Craft

Let us now forget the reason for the season!

Help your preschool child to understand by making this simple Baby Jesus in a Stable Craft. 

Supplies needed: 5 wide sticks, brown construction paper, yellow construction paper or craft foam, yarn (or straw if you have it), brown crayon, a marker, glue, and fabric strips.

I first had my son color four wide sticks brown (they look like tongue depresser sticks) while I cut the fifth stick in half. Next I had him glue in to place the brown sticks he colored to create a stable. Then he glued on a star on top (I cut it out) and yarn on the stable floor. I drew the face on the baby Jesus and applied glue to that stick and he wrapped around the fabric scraps and then that was glued in to place as well.

I thought this project turned out pretty nice.


Unknown said...

This is beautiful! I love it.

Unknown said...
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