Friday, December 14, 2012

Fix It Friday - Glitz It & Fix It with Some Shoes

 These are so darling looking now and my daughter was so excited when she came home from school and saw that her brother and I fixed up her shoes.

I don't know what she does with her shoes. Dragging her feet? Ballet tiptoe dancing? Playing marathon soccer? But this is what her shoes look like. Other that the toes, there is a lot of life left to these shoes and they still fit.

I know part of the problem is that these are dress shoes and cheaper one that have a glossy layer over the material instead of leather shoes and that glossy layer easily wears off.

There is no way to match & repair that glossy layer as it is, so my solution is to fix it by glitzing it!

 Tape off the area you do not want painted with some painters tape (you could try to use other tape, but painters tape works so nicely and removes easily.)

Paint the area with clear fingernail polish and sprinkle on glitter before it dries. Allow to dry completely (which should take no longer than 10 minutes) then spread on another layer of clear fingernail polish to seal in the glitter better. Allow to dry completely before wearing


Tru said...

Those look so cute! I'll bet she loves them.

Unknown said...

OK, this is the coolest fix ever! You are brilliant!

Christina said...

This is a FABULOUS idea! Now come up with one for my boys! :-)

Mom of Two said...

Well, since I have a boy I will need to come up with one. His last pair of tennis shoes were worn in the front.

The Yogi Vegetarian said...

Hi! I love the idea behind you blog, so I followed... do drop by mine of you get time; and also my new one

...If only I had thought of the glittery shoes solution when my daughter was little... :)