Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Gifts of Christmas: Tutu Dress

Wearing the Tutu Dress to a Wedding

It was a year and half ago when I had shared on How to Make Tutu Skirt on Northern Cheapskate, but this time I wanted to share with you how to adapt those instructions to make a Tutu Dress.

The basic principals are the same, you just need more tulle. You will need to measure the length from the child's collarbone to their knee and then double that to know the length each piece of tulle needs to be cut. Also, the elastic measurement will come from around the chest.

Then I cut a length of ribbon (to desired length) and tied it in a double knot in the center so that it would be a halter tie. I also created an empire waist by making a flower ribbon belt.

To make the flower ribbon belt, I just took apart the flower and removed all the plastic pieces so that all that was left was fabric petals. Then I glued (with hot glue) them back together one petal layer at a time stacking them back on each other. I also glued on some of the leaves to add more color and depth. I glued some craft pearls in the center and finally glued the whole flower on to the ribbon which will be  belted. You could sew the petal layers & flower on to the ribbon if you wanted to instead.

You might also be interested in seeing the Rose Petal Tutu that I made my daughter as well. I am afraid my tutu days are numbered, so I am going to enjoy her cuteness in them while she lets me.

Modeling the tutu dress right after I finished making 


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